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Infodev is a global software company providing IT consulting and software development services in diverse application areas. We had developed hiigh-quality mobile software for small and medium business worldwide.

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Let our award-winning Mobile products help you to make your business life simpler and your mobilephones more useful!.

Client's Benefits

Significant Cost Savings  - Save up to 60% on your projects with International Offshore Rates                                         


Time Savings - Highly Competent Resources, Process efficiencies translate into reduced time to completion.


Improved Quality - Latest Technologies with Pre-Planned Work and Management delivering quality results

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BlackBerry Downloads

We are specialized in Enterprise Business solution and customized software development for BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, 8800 series mobilephones...more

Symbian Downloads

Buy our innovative Business, Personal Productivity organiser, tracker software for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola mobilephones and smartphones...more

Palm OS Downloads

Downloads our free trial version of Business, Personal Productivity, Organiser software for Palm OS Treo, Centro, Lifedrive, Tungsten, Zire and Palm OS handhelds and mobilephones...more

Windows Mobile Downloads

Buy our Business, Personal Productivity, Fun and Entertainment software, tools for Windows Mobile Pocket PC mobilephone and handhelds... more -  for Best Selling Mobile Softwares

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Diet Point Calculator
Loan Calculator
CheckList Pro
ToDo List
DueDate Manager
Health Tracker
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